Production Quality AI Solutions


Smart Manufacturing – Defect Detection

Dimaag’s Defect Detection solutions are deployed in high-volume production lines (surpassing throughputs of 200M units monthly).

Predictive Maintenance

Dimaag’s AI solutions enable predictive maintenance of factory line machinery. This minimizes down-time and decreases maintenance costs. 

Success Stories

Through our collaboration with DIMAAG-AI, we have successfully integrated AI technology into our products, achieving a remarkable level of accuracy and significantly reducing development times. This level of achievement would have been challenging to attain independently. By leveraging OMRON’s extensive expertise in on-site data and customer value cultivated over many years in the inspection business, combined with DIMAAG-AI’s advanced AI technology, we have seamlessly integrated AI into our visual inspection system for electronic circuit boards enabling efficient and effective inspection in high volume production. Furthermore, Dimaag-AI’s Generative AI technology has empowered our new product development teams to transfer existing defects and generate new defect data. This comprehensive system not only enhances inspection quality but also effectively identifies the causes of defective products, resulting in a measurable strategic return on investment.

Ms. Tomoko Inoue

CEO, Omron Ventures

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